Giacomo Moroso is a creative and graphic designer recently graduated from Kingston School of Art (2020) and currently living between London and Berlin.  He’s working in the fields of art and culture and his practice is focusing on printed matter, identities, art direction and exhibition design.

Working with a speculative mindset he takes a playful approach to real world happenings. Expanding the graphic mediums to fit new thinking and therefore new making. He’s interested in broadening the idea of publication and visual identities by applying a diverse point of view and analyzing it from a different perspective. He likes to engage my work in correlation with the space it will be presented.

Full CV & portfolio available upon request.


︎    Digestion × BORA

‘Digestion’ is a collection of elements created in collaboration with Berlin based artist BORA.  

BORA is a multidisciplinary artist who uses different mediums to explore and express herself. She creates sculptures, photography, music, digital work and composes poetry. Her art is a constant research of what it means to be a human being. The body of work contained within the transparent box serves as portrayal of the multifaceted practice and exploration of the artist. The viewers are invited to delve into BORA’s thoughts and install an exhibition using the objects that they find.

The installation combines the mediums used by the artist to present her work in a unique way that reflects her practice, themes and inner thoughts.

︎︎︎    Installation. (2019)